– Aside –

* [Urban planning is already challenging in a peaceful country… I was curious to see how it is in a changing, occupied territory. During a lesson on international cooperation/collaboration for urban projects I remember that we mentioned about the (urban) density between different cities, and learned that the communities from the occupied territory (in this case, in the area of Gaza) did not even had the right to a nationality – which is a fundamental rights, right ? Locked, framed in a place… without being registered, without a country, « de jure stateless », often times refugees, how is this possible ? The room was silent, but really I was dumbfounded.
« According to some research, in dense urban areas people often tends to help each other and create strong bondings ». Well, I guess it is not the same lived experience still, according to where you live… They really had/have to rely on the things that they have near them, every single day. A hard lockdown that has already lasted too long].